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tyga rack city xxx pt 1

I feel like just giving up on this.

I reeeeally want to do it! But, Tumblr’s not letting me upload pictures and I don’t know why. Then deleted my entire word post, so it’s just frustrating me. It’s seriously just discouraging me. Sooo, i really don’t know. I have all the pictures, but I can’t upload them -___- We’ll see.

January 28, 2012
January 27, 2012
January 26, 2012
January 25, 2012
My boo boo, Kevin and I <3
Woke up late and missed all my classes :/ I’m so disappointed in myself.
Had a meeting with Kristina & JoAnne. Went well.
Carne Asada fries with Jae after.
Got suuuper pissed when I got back to the school and somebody took my parking space. Wrote a threatening note and everything.
Hung out with Taylor and Jamie. UnbeWEAVEable.
Slept early (:
January 24, 2012
The line was super long when I needed it most :/
Woke up at like 6:30 and snuck out of Jason’s bed. Took my shit and went back to my dorm. I kinda felt like an asshole. haha. Sleep, then woke up and went to class. Don’t even know how I did it. I was so out of it. Starbucks line was too long, so got Jamba Juice instead. Back to Jason’s cause I left my charger. I’m supposed to hook Mark up. haha. Straightened Taylor’s “black girl” hair and talked. Went to Poly Sci. Fuck, that class is so long. Ran errands after. $300 for textbooks :( Panda Express, then took a nap with Taylor. Now, it’s 4:30 AM and I can’t sleep :/
January 23, 2012

NEVER mix alcohol and hookah. Completely FUCKED my ass up.
Woke up and had 2 rounds of sex with Jason, then took a shower. I do nooot know how I feel about him just yet. Blah, blah, blah. At night, had a date with Jourdan. Was supposed to watch Devil Inside Me. Pre-gamed with Sky before. Ended up talking so much that we missed the movie. Hookah Lounge instead. It was cool at first, then started to fuck with me. Ended up throwing the fuck up! SOOOOOO EMBARRASSING. Dropped Jourdan off at his car, then drove home drunk. I apologized like 50 million times. While driving, had to pull over to throw up. Got back home and threw up some more. Didn’t want to be alone, so Jason invited me over. Threw up there. He bought me water and I spent the night.
January 22, 2012